Anti-cellulite massage for women

Cellulite is not just a weight problem. Cellulite is structural change in cellular tissue. It begins when intercellular liquid can’t be transported properly and continues with blood and lymph circulation disturbances. As a result, fat accumulates on arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks. Professional anti-cellulite massage eliminates all those fat dimples and wrinkles by gentle massaging of each cell of your body. Therapy is great for Post-Pregnancy Body Reshaping.

How anti-cellulite therapy works?

First, massage therapist warms up each part of your body by gentle strokes. When your skin temperature raises up for 2 degrees, therapist begins to work out deeper fiber layers, using various techniques, including gliding, lifting and kneading. Special anti-cellulite oils and lotions used in procedure suck in from your skin deep into cells. Thus, speeding up metabolism and eliminating fat excesses in all body. After massage, we recommend having glass of still water or cup of green tea.

Anti-cellulite massage benefits

  • Shapes figure
  • Renews healthy blood circulation
  • Fastens lymph flow
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Increases oxygen supplement
  • Renews fiber trophism
  • Helps body to produce new collagen fibres.

  • After each massage session, your body feels lighter and lighter. Clearly visible results appear after 4-th massage. Recommended course of anti-cellulite massage for women at Diana & Kate: 10 sessions. To save all anti-cellulite massage benefits after having full 10-massage course, we recommend having one massage in a week or month.

    Anti-cellulite massage price

    One session duration: from 30 to 90 minutes. Price: from €30. Each 6-th anti-cellulite therapy if FREE in case of paying for 5-massage course up front. Please, call 0894827581 or book now to get your discount