How baby massage boosts infant’s development?

Newborn baby can’t control it’s own body, it has weak muscles and moves chaotically. Hypertonus often makes baby feel uncomfortable and provokes crying. In such situation simple and light gliding techniques of baby massage fasten infant’s blood circulation, reduce pains and help baby to develop muscles and discover own body.

Professional newborn baby massage has great impact on infant’s develpoment. It was first noticed by american physiotherapist Glenn Doman, who used physical exercises and massage to improve intellectual development of children, knowing, that brain sections controlling memory and speech are situated close to the movement control sections.

Baby massage benefits and prescriptions

Massage therapy is approved for infants from 2 months age. At this period massage stimulates intellectual and physical development, improves motor coordination and develops vestibular apparatus. Professional baby massage also removes little patologies, reduces hard patologies and brings more joy to infant and parrents. Before massaging your child, please consult with pediatrician or our therapist.

Infant massage is prescribed in case of hyperstenia, hypotonia, rachitis, encephalopathy or other health problems. Reccomended course: 10 days. If needed, course may be repeated. Usually it is advised to repeat course till 1 year age, because massage has the most effective impact in this particular (from 2 months till 12 months) stage of infant development. Properly made baby massage has following benefits:

  • Strenghtens immune system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Normalizes sleep and neural processes
  • Develops infant’s respiratory system
  • Improves digestion and removes cramps.

Baby massage contraindications

  • Hempohilia
  • Osteomyelithis
  • Blood and lymph diseases
  • High temperature or fever
  • Heart diseases
  • Diathesis, dermatitis
  • Allergy to the massage oil
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes.

What if baby cries during massage?

First reason — low temperature in massage room. If temperature is fine, maybe infant wants to sleep and it is better to time of your massage appointment. When baby cries on first two massage sessions, it might be because of unusual atmosphere. If baby continues crying during procedures, it is better to find another massage therapist.

Baby massage price

Therapy duration: 30 minutes. Baby massage price: €30 per one session. Each 6-th massage is free if purchasing at least 5-massage session at once. Please, call: 0894827581 or book now to get your appointment