Back massage relieves tensions and pains

Professional back massage starts with light and gentle strokes. It prepares body for therapy and warms up your skin and deeper tissues. Little by little, pressure becomes stronger and you feel warmth in each muscle of your tired back. Gradually all tensions and pains, accumulated in your back muscles, are going away. Starting from deep and surface muscles close to our neck, muscles in waist area and between scapulae. All these muscles should be massaged only along the fibers.

Professional Swedish back massage for back pain

Professional therapist never massages spinal column, although, massage in the area close to the spinal is allowed — it calms neural system and feels good. Sacrum and tailbone can be massaged with high pressure, but only if patient never had injuries in lower back. Another zone where Swedish back massage allows only gentle sliding is kidney area, situated close to the waist on the right and left side from spinal.

Do not be surprised when our specialist massages lower back zone. Buttocks muscles are biggest muscles in this area containing many neural endings. These muscles are kneaded and relaxed according to the medical instructions for traditional lower back massage therapy. Professional treatment for your back is recommended in case of:

  • osteochondrosis of the spine
  • muscle spasms
  • spinal curvature (for children)
  • platypodia (for children)
  • constant back pain
  • overwork
  • stress.

Massage for back pain contraindications

As a medical procedure massage is not recommended for people with high temperature; blood, skin, hair and nail diseases; mental disturbances; purulent infections; tumorous processes; nausea, acute myocardial ischemia and chronic osteomyelitis. You can always ask your physician or consult our specialist about exact massage for back pain impact on your health.

Neck and back massage benefits and price

Proper therapy relieves tensions, normalizes blood pressure and supplies each cell of massaged muscles with more oxygen. After massage session, you feel relaxed and revitalized. Neck and beck massage is good for drivers, office workers and people suffering from back or neck pain. Appropriate duration: 30 minutes. Price: €30