Healing power of deep tissue massage

Properly made deep tissue massage isn’t painful. It allows your body to move freely, by curing connective tissues (including muscles), that are attached to skeleton. Deep tissue therapy heals chronic muscle pain and cures injured muscles. Such effect becomes possible with therapist using series of soft and gradually intensifying strokes at the beginning of therapy.

Massage focuses on fascia (part of connective tissues, lying deep under skin). Fascia has 30% of all muscle weight and can not be forced to stretch fast. So, every little area of muscle is massaged slowly for 3 minutes to warm up and cure deeper tissues. Warming and gentle pulling techniques start biochemical processes in fascia. As a result of deep tissue massage, fascia softens, allowing muscle to recover. When each fascia in massaged area is warmed up and stretched, therapist moves to another zone.

Deep tissue massage benefits

Professional deep tissue therapy not only relaxes, it recovers:

  • all injured muscles,
  • fascias,
  • tendons,
  • joints,
  • joint capsules,
  • periosteum,
  • ligaments.

  • The most damaged muscle area (trigger point, where fascia is shortened) usually is not the area that hurts most. Therapist uses special combination of massaging techniques, including gliding, hitching and stretching. Gentle pressure with fingertips, phalanges, fists and elbows increase health benefits of deep tissue massage. Each specific technique is selected to boost massage healing effect, according to patient's response to the therapy. Proper massage impact is slow, smooth and always painless.

    Deep tissue massage price

    This massage type is the most appropriate for athletes and patients, who want to recover from muscle injuries. Recommended duration: 60 minutes. Deep tissue massage price: €50. Diana & Kate offers – €50 discount, available if paying up front for 6-massage sessions. Please, call 0894827581 or book now to get your discount