Full body massage relaxes and trains all muscles

Full body therapy tones all muscles without focusing on certain body areas. It has impact of passive physical exercises, achieved by pressure and stroking techniques, which alternately relax and strain muscle tissue. Proper massage relaxes every muscle, elevates mood and fills body with vigor. Full body massage at Diana & Kate includes following body zones:

  • Back (including collar area, thoracic and lumbar)
  • Legs (back side, front side and buttocks)
  • Stomach
  • Breast area (mammary gland is not massaged for women)
  • Hands
  • Head (including face).

Massage technique depends on massaging style. For example, oriental massage includes massaging of head and face, but classical Swedish full body massage excludes these areas. In Diana & Kate therapists use Swedish massage techniques, but head and face are massaged too, because such practice helps (especially for office workers) to relieve tensions after long sitting and intense intellectual activity.

Full body massage health benefits

  • Relieves back pain syndrom
  • Eliminates pains in head
  • Relaxes all body and relieves tensions
  • Recovers muscle strenght and tonus
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Recovers injuried tissues
  • Strenghtens joints and ligaments
  • Removes toxins
  • Improves sleep and lifts up your mood.

Simple warming touch is pleasant for skin and overworked muscles, because massage causes production of endorphin — the hormone of joy. Full body relaxation massage works exclusively with muscles, but its mechanical impact also expands capillaries, activates metabolism and (if properly made) lowers blood pressure. Neck and shoulder area massaging increases blood flow in head, thus eliminating chronic migraines, improving memory and concentration.

Full body massage techniques

Full body massage basic techniques are strokes, kneading, friction and vibration. Friction takes 35% of massage therapy, kneading takes 50%. All remaining time is for strokes and vibration techniques. Professional therapist specially warms up hands and massage oil into hands, so that first touch feels better.

How full body massage is made?

First half of massage therapy is dedicated to the backside of the body, and second half — to the front side. Full body massage begins from back, neck and shoulders. Buttocks, hips and legs are massaged after. In the front side of the body, first massage areas are ankles, knees and thighs. Backside of knee is not massaged, because it contains many important nerve endings and is not protected by muscles.

When knees and thighs are properly treated, therapist starts to massage rib cage and hands. Stomach is massaged the last. Abdominal area organs are not protected by ribs, thus every touch in this zone is very gentle. Massage duration for each body area depends on patient’s qualities, including general health conditions, body mass, development of muscle tissue and distribution of fat layers.

Full body massage contraindications

Full body massage is not recommended in case of skin diseases, swollen lymphatic nodes or varicose veins. You can always consult your physician or our therapist before starting massage therapy. Major contraindications are:

  • Clotting disorders or usage of blood thinners (example — Warfarin)
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Damaged blood vessels
  • Bones, weakened by osteoporhosis
  • Recent fractures
  • Cancer
  • Fever
  • Weakened skin (as result of diabetis or injury) or skin diseases
  • Cardiac failure
  • Purulent processes.

Full body massage specifics and recommendations

The most appropriate time for massage therapy is in the morning. Two or three massage sessions is good enough for one week. All not massaged areas are covered with towels to save body warmth during therapy. After full body massage session, patient should relax and lie in rest for at least 1 minute. We also recommend not to eat 1,5 hour before and 1,5 hour after massage. Full massage course at Diana & Kate includes from 10 to 15 sessions.

Discounts and price for full body massage in Dublin 1

Each session duration: from 60 to 90 minutes. Full body massage price: €50 for 1-hour session. We offer special discount: every 6-th massage session is FREE in case of 5-massage session purchasing at once. It means that instead of €300 you pay only €250 for 6 professional full body massage sessions. The same thing is for 6 massages with 90 minutes duration: €400 instead of €480. Please, book your appointment (or call) to get your discount now