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Massage and salon gift certificates

Save your time on choosing present. Diana & Kate offers massage and salon gift certificates with nail, hair and massage services included.

Salon gift certificate — a gift that always fits

Our gift certificate saves your time and allows to have perfect services for health and beauty:

  • Professional massage
  • Nail bar services
  • Hairdressing.

  • Diana & Kate salon gift cards save your time on choosing a present for Christmas, New Year, Anniversary or any other important date. Such present is always appreciated. Massage or salon gift voucher is a great present for those whom we love, for colleagues or business partners. Do not bother, if you are little late with a present. We can simply put an earlier date on your gift certificate.

    Discounts for massage therapy gift cards

    You get additional discount —10%, buying gift card for massage therapy, that costs more than €150. It means that you pay only €135 for massage certificate worth €150, or €180 for €200 worth massage certificate. Call 0894827581 or book now to get your discount