Indian head massage for office workers

Indian head is therapy for collar area, including head, neck and shoulders. It came to Europe from India and is called there “Champissage”. Indian head massage is an alternative medicine therapy, good way to relax if you work in office and sit a lot during a day. It is especially useful in case of pinched neck vertebra, disturbances of vision or headaches. Such massage is recommended for pregnant women, and is not recommended to people with cardiac failure, extra high blood pressure or inflammatory processes in upper back. You can always consult your doctor or our master before therapy. All our masters have ITEC certificate.

Indian head massage technique and benefits

Patient sits during the therapy. It helps therapist to access all massaged zones easily. Therapy starts with sliding movements to prepare skin and boost blood microcirculation. Shoulders, neck and scapula are kneaded with knuckles. Movement goes downwards; from neck to shoulders. Touch balls delicately massage each segment close to the neck vertebra. Massage finishes with light strokes. As result, your neck and shoulder muscles feel completely relaxed. Indian head massage benefits:

  • Boosts blood suply to the brain
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Improves sleep
  • Releases endorphine
  • Helps to resist depression and anxiety.

Indian head therapy price

Neck and shoulder massage duration: 25-30 minutes. Indian head therapy price: €30. Each 6-th massage is FREE in case of 5-massage course purchasing at once. Please call: 0894827581 or book now to get your discount