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We allways find appropriate massage types fitting your needs. Back massage is good to relief tensions; full body massage renews you for a new day. Anticellulite massage helps in body sculpturing and Sports massage recovers and improves muscle work

Service Description :

Massage and physiotherapy in Dublin 1

Relaxing and healing massage for your body and soul

Massage is not as simple as you think. It is a real science of touching, pressing and sliding that boosts your immune system and reliefs tensions. According to the latest scientific reviews, single application of massage reduces blood pressure, state anxiety and heart rate. Multiple massage application is even better. It may have similar effect as psychotherapy. «Diana and Kate» offers many kinds of massage and physiotherapy for your body, mind and soul:

  • Back massage
    Gentle physiotherapy treatment for all your muscles from nates to shoulders. Appropriate duration: 30 minutes. Price: €30.
  • Full body massage
    Appropriate therapy for all of your muscles. Full body physiotherapy deals with legs, hands, back and shoulders. Surprising but usual effect of such massage is that you want more of it. As a result of full hour therapy you feel more relaxed and prepared for work. Full body massage is good way to improve your sleep. Recommended duration: from 1 hour. Price: €50 per hour
  • Anticellulite massage
    Best way of shaping your figure. Anticellulite massage is sculpturing your hips, stomach and buttocks. Reccomended course: 5-10 times. Afterwards it is possible to maintain your figure by only 1 massage session per week or month. Appropriate duration: 1 hour per session. Price: €50
  • Sports massage
    For those, who play football, attend gym or do physical exercises a lot. Sports massage concentrates on muscle work, stretching and joint mobilization. Good therapy allows you to achieve better results in sports, makes your body relaxed, and prepares it for further activities.
  • Reflexology feet massage
    For relaxation and recreation mostly. Reflexology massage is based on the idea that each reflex in hands or feet has influence on organs of the body.
  • Medical massage
    Gentle and scientific approach to all kinds of pains, tensions and strains.

We provide all kinds of professional massage including:

  • Relaxing
  • Classical (Swedish)
  • Deep tissue
  • Hot stone
  • 4 hands
  • Infant
  • Indian had

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Prices :
Back30Most Popular Full body30 / 50 / 80Most Popular Anticellulite30 / 50 / 80Most Popular Infant20 Sports30 / 50 / 80 Medical30 / 50 / 80 Relaxing30 / 50 / 80 Deep tissue30 / 50 / 80 Hot stone60 4 hands60 / 90 Reflexology feet20 Indian head30
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