Sports massage for better results in sport

Proper sports massage helps athlete to achieve better results in sports. For this reason, all professional athletes and sport teams have their own massage therapists. Professional sports therapy increases physical endurance, cures injuries and helps to overcome fatigue. It also prevents muscular atrophy, lowers pain syndrome and improves general physical condition, having remedial effect on your skin, muscles and joints. Sports massage is best suitable for:

  • football, basketball and hockey players;
  • swimmers and cyclists;
  • those, who run, walk or lift heavy objects a lot.

Deep tissue and other sports massage techniques

Fast and vibrant massage improves speed qualities for martial arts and running. Slow and deep tissue sports massage is better for prolonged physical activities, involving highest physical loads like weight lifting or marathon running. Professional massage therapist suits massaging techniques to your sport loads and swiftly alternates impact direction to increase healing effect.

Hands and back are massaged more for swimmers, and leg muscles — for runners, football players and cyclists. Hacking, patting, kneading, and effleurage stimulates Central neural system, but gentle strokes relaxes it. Effleurage is used in sports massage to tone muscles and supply local tissue areas with more blood and oxygen.

When is better to do sports massage?

The most appropriate time for massage is from 1,5 to 4 hours after training. If your training is in late evening, it is better to make short (five minutes) local muscle massage immediately after physical exercises finishing. In this case proper massage session can be transferred to the morning. If patient falls asleep during sports massage therapy, it becomes even more efficient, because sleep activates all recovering processes in organism.

Full body Sports massage benefits

  • strenghtens muscular system;
  • fastens lactic acid removal from muscles;
  • increases anabolism;
  • relieves tensions;
  • fastens post-traumatic recovery (for injuries and muscle strains);
  • deals with spinal column problems;
  • improves cardiac performance;
  • tones blood vessels.

Different kinds of full body sports massage are highly recommended before, after and sometimes even instead of physical exercises. For example, when athlete has fractures, strains or little injuries, which do not allow common training. In this case, massage helps to maintain physical shape during recovery period. Athletes, who use massage as a part of training process, feel less tiredness during exercises and competitions.

Sports massage therapist for injury recovery

Professional sports massage therapist uses anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointments, creams and gels (if allowed by physician). Basic massage techniques and effective medication strengthens muscles and activates tissue nutrition, resorpts infiltrates, edemas, hemorrhages and effusions.
Professional massage therapy also fastens fusion of bone fractures, improves blood circulation, and stimulates metabolism and reparative processes in damaged tissues.

Sports massage duration and price

Massage duration depends on patient’s weight. Usually therapy takes from 40 to 60 minutes, and lasts longer than 1 hour if patient is heavier than 100 kilograms. Recommended therapy duration at Diana & Kate: 60 minutes. Sports massage price: €50